Party Wall Surveyor Bolton

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 imposes duties upon those with interest in a building to notify their neighbour(s) of their intention to carry out any work which may affect a party wall or its foundations. On commercial property this can often be extensive as it may require serving Notice upon multiple tenancies and interested parties.

Available Notices:

    • Section 1 - Line of Junction Notice

    • Section 3 - Party Structure Notice

    • Section 6 - Notice of Adjacent Excavation. This covers the 3m and 6m rules.

As the Courts can grant an injunction to prevent building work from being carried out where party wall matters have not been adequately dealt with, it is to mitigate any delays to construction which can have significant cost implications.

DRW Property Services can assist you in making that initial assessment as to whether party wall matters apply and if so which notices need to be issued. Following this we will act on behalf of the party wall(s) as the Building Owners Surveyor or Adjoining Owners Surveyor if appointed separately to act with regard to the interest of adjoining owners.

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